Monday, November 2, 2015

Shameless Self-Promotion .....

In October of 2014, an essay I wrote was published in the book Dear Wonderful You, Letters to Adopted and Fostered Youth.  It's a compilation of writings meant for adolescent/teen readers, especially those who might be struggling with adoption-related issues.  It's been very well-received by individuals who work with such youngsters, as well as by others who have simply been touched by the experiences shared by the writers.

November of 2015 brings the new book, Flip the Script, an adult adoptee anthology of essays and visual art.  With nearly 50 writers and artists, the book presents a wide variety of opinions on the institution of adoption.  Each contributor attempts to show how adoption has shaped and affected his/her life, with the understanding that although our lives share a common event, we are a diverse group and all deserve to be recognized and heard.

While I'm proud to be included in both these book, I'm most proud of the children's book that I wrote and published on my own.  It's not adoption-related -- at least not *people* adoption-related.  It tells the story of a kitten I adopted from a local shelter, and his experiences in his new home.  Illustrated with water colors painted by the talented Rebekah Wells, it's a sweet story of love between human and feline.  

I hope you find something of value in all three of these works!

Dear Wonderful You, Letters to Adopted and Fostered Youth

Flip the Script, Adult Adoptee Anthology

Wibber Dibber Doo, I Love You

Also available directly from the publisher:  Wibber Dibber Doo