Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Things that make you go "Ugh" .....

A few years ago, I purchased some new drinkware from Pier 1.  The glasses were really nice -- solid, heavy, and with indentations to make them easy to hold.  I really, really liked them.  Until I dropped one, and then another one fell over in the sink and cracked.  With only two full-sized glasses left, I decided it was time to buy some new ones.

Pier 1 has since relocated and is farther away from where I live, so I opted to go to a big box retailer instead. I found some glasses that looked decent and were relatively inexpensive, so I bought the set and brought them home.

Once out of the box, they weren't as nice as I'd thought, but it wasn't worth a trip to take them back, so I ran them through the dishwasher and stored them in the cupboard.  Since then, I've used the large tumblers several times, but the smaller ones have sat undisturbed on the shelf.  

Until recently.

When I wanted just a little to drink one night, I grabbed one of the small tumblers. I filled it, lifted it to my lips, and had an immediate reaction of "Ugh!".  Though that may seem an unusual reaction to a drinking glass, I knew right away where the feeling came from.  The glass in my hand was almost exactly the same size and shape as those used by my uncle's wife for her nightly martini(s).