Saturday, May 2, 2015

Cancelling the Adoption Contract -- an update .....

Back in December, I detailed my quest to become unadopted.  Based on advice I received online and in correspondence with other adoptees, I decided to make direct contact with the Court where my adoption was finalized, and ask the current Judge to set aside the ruling.

I gathered my evidence, which included the letter and e-mails I received from the State's Adoption Records agency, copies of death certificates/notices for both adoptive and birth parents, a newspaper article detailing an adoption in Florida which was set aside a few years ago, and scanned diary entries from the time of my adoption, in which I laid out my unhappiness and despair.

In all, there were a dozen pages, including a carefully-crafted two-page letter presenting the facts and arguing my case.  Approximately two weeks later, a large envelope arrived from the Court.  Inside was all the documentation I'd carefully put together, along with this letter:

Short, but not so sweet.

The adoptees I've shared this with almost universally say that the Judge's tone is condescending, dismissive and unhelpful, and I agree.

I refuse to stop trying for an annulment, because I believe it's my absolute right, as an adult, to decide whether or not I want to continue being a party to a contract signed on my behalf but to which I did not agree.

I'm not sure what my next steps will be, but I'm not giving up.