Sunday, October 27, 2013

Could you repeat that, please ..... ?

In an earlier post I mentioned that, as babies, my siblings and I were often sick.  My sister and I both had serious ear infections and developed hearing problems because of them.
During my childhood, I was hospitalized at least a half-dozen times:  pneumonia, tonsillectomy, mastoidectomy (both sides), and other ear surgeries.

1961 (age 3-1/2) -- surgery on my right ear.
Also in an earlier post, I mentioned that I loved the feel of my grandfather's flat top haircut.  When I underwent my final ear surgery in 4th grade, the hair just above my left ear had to be shaved off.  When it grew back, it felt like my grandfather's flat top and I would rub my hand over the area, luxuriating in its softness.
I liked it so much that when it grew too long to satisfactorily stroke, I took a pair a scissors and cut it off again myself.
Need I say that, although my grandfather chuckled at my actions, my grandmother was NOT pleased.

1964 (age seven) -- surgery on my left ear.
My hair eventually grew back, although my grandmother kept it cut short after that.  Unfortunately, while the surgery was necessary -- the bones in my middle ear were rotting away -- I was left with a permanent hole in my eardrum and limited hearing on my left side.
If you ever want to tell me a secret, whisper it in my left ear.  I won't tell anyone what you say, because I won't be able to hear you.